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I'm very excited to share with you my Skillshare online classes on Illustration, Design and Fine Art.

My classes took more than 8 000  STUDENTS worldwide and I'm honored to be acknowledged as one of Top Teachers. Thank you, awesome Students, for your trust, talent and engagement!⭐️Top teachers rank among the high-quality top 1% of teachers on the platform, so we did a great job together.

If you want to take your illustration skills to the next level check my classes. Use this link to get 2 free months of Premium account and access to all of my classes on Skillshare - an online learning community with thousands of courses on everything from business to graphic design, photography and fashion.

Watercolor Secrets: Seven Tips to Level-Up your Art

In this class, I’ll show you 7 different techniques to level-up your watercolor skills. Each one takes no more than 10 minutes and can be applied to painting skies, loose flowers, trees and much more. Regardless of your style this deceivingly easy looking techniques make a huge difference.

Linocut in Children’s Book Illustration: Create a Unique Block Printing Artwork

In this class, we’ll learn amazing linocut technique used by Children’s Book Illustrators, fine artists and designers. We’ll illustrate Hans Christian Andersen's tale ”The Ugly Duckling” starting with the special title page and continue with internal illustration.

Explore Folklore!

📽️Can’t wait to share that my new class Explore Modern Folklore in Illustration: Inks, Gouache and Photoshop is live!

This one is exceptional for me because I’ve been admiring folklore designs and blooming illustrations for a long time.

Commercial Fashion Illustration: Create a Stunning Artwork in Analogue and Digital Techniques

In this class I'll show you how to create a Fashion Illustration using common principles of visual arts. We’ll start with traditional techniques using paints and paper masking, we’ll also explore image-tracing options. Then I’ll show you super fast digital watercoloring technique in Photoshop.

This class focuses on techniques used in fashion but can be applied to any creative area. Both advanced and beginner creative can find valuable insights in this class.

William Morris Style: three ways of Creating a Botanical Pattern in Photoshop and by hand

In this class I'll show you how to create a beautiful William Morris inspired pattern in three different techniques. We’ll begin with a simple repeat pattern using Offset filter in Photoshop and continue with more intuitive seamless pattern. In the third part I’ll show you how to create 100% analog motif just with a Xerox and your imagination:)

By the end of this 100-minute class you’ll learn some important principles of pattern design and will be able to incorporate it in your own work. Both advanced and beginner creatives can find valuable insights in this class.

What Students are Saying

Anna teaches a wide variety of classes, all of them exceptionally good. She’s an incredible talent. You will be missing a lot of great information if you don’t follow her and take her classes. She’s awesome!
— Linda Smith, USA
This is MARVELOUS course!!! Even if you are not doing to paint, this is a just aesthetic pleasure for eyes! Anna thinks out magical art techniques all the time and inspires other people to experiments. And that’s why she is one of my favourite teachers on Skillshare. Totally recommend!
— Kateryna Lanskaya, illustrator, Odessa, Ukraine
Definitely, I did learn a lot, and this is totally different approach to make surface pattern design, so yes, I did even make a project, to really learn the process....because the repeating what you see make your skills stronger and you could learn and improve your work. PS one of my kids did say, finally you did draw the flower that it’s look like a flower….wow, this is good. You see, critique of 8 years old kids to matter, we could learn from them, so yes, take this class, it’s fab.
— Lidija Miklavcic, Design, mixed media art, surface pattern designer
Anna is very talented. It’s wonderful to see a combination of traditional and digital skills being used.
— Chris Heath, writer, designer, illustrator
Fantastic Class! Thank you Anya!!! I loved every moment of your class, it’s so inspiring!
— Elena Korkmaz
I highly recommend the class. It is very inspiring as all other classes of Anna Sokolova
— Zornitsa Statkova, illustrator
Anna is a tremendously talented artist. Her courses provide a wealth of graphic and fine arts techniques that are unique and enriching. Anna provides a beautiful backdrop to each of her feel like you’re in the city and studio with her - there’s something magical about her delivery. There’s always an element of surprise in each of her classes and she really encourages you to explore. Please follow’ll be amazed !
— Sharon Rego, professional artist, Ontario, Kanada


Think in INK: A 7-Day Analogue and Digital Inking Challenge

Sometimes we either don’t have time or don’t know what to draw. And this class is going to help you by exploring the fantastic medium - INKS! I’ve prepared a 1 Week Program to let you explore different ink techniques. Regardless of your level feel free to jump in anywhere!

The Art of Paper Marbling

📽️I’m very excited to announce my new class Paper Marbling: Explore Monotype on Water This technique is pure magic and you always create a one-of-a-kind artwork with it. I've spent almost all of my paper and art supplies in the last couple of weeks, just couldn't stop marbling. Hope you enjoy this technique as much as I do!

The Art of Monotype: Create your First Unique Artwork in Minutes

In this class, I'll show you how to create your first unique Monotype — a hybrid of drawing and printmaking with endless possibilities. We'll create 6 different artworks starting with the easiest method and continue with the more controlled classic approach.

By the end of this 70-minute class, you’ll learn the Monotype technique and will be able to create your own unique artwork. No previous experience needed!

Commercial illustration: Creating a City Postcard with Gouache and Photoshop

In this class I'll take you through my step-by-step process to create a commercial illustration for a Berlin postcard.

We’ll combine two worlds of physical and digital to create a soulful authentic product, like using traditional gouache paint to add an artistic feel to our work. The technique combines hand-drawn textures with Photoshop resulting in a wonderful print-ready postcard that can be used as merchandise or as a gift.


INKS: Five Effects to Add a Dramatic Impact to Your Illustration

Ever wondered how just a simple brush stroke can catch the viewer's attention and cause a huge emotional reaction?

In this class I’ll show you my 5 favorite inking tips and tricks which can add a dramatic effect to your illustration, design or any artwork. Many of them I use in my works.

By the end of this class you will know how easily and quickly with some inks strokes you can lead the viewer's eye and bring any image to live.Beauty is all around us, and and I'm very excited to show interpretation of it in this particular way!

It’s a super artistic class. With clear instructions, warm and encouraging narration, Anna conducts us into an enjoyable creative experience. I can’t wait to get the proper materials to make my own marbled paper.
— Eréndira Espinoza, artist, teacher and selflearner, Mexico
Anna is truly passionate about her craft and it translates into her teaching. I personally marvel at her designs. It’s very soothing almost therapeutic not to mention an incredibly Beautiful art form. Thank you Anna for sharing your expertise and lovely designs. Warm Regards, -Keenan Austin, Texas USA
— Mike Leblanc, TX, USA
There is a TON of useful info here. The class is fully packed with killer tips and almost no filler. I am a long time Photoshop veteran, but that offset tip for making pattern was new to me. This class is a real deal.
— Filipp Ryabchikov, illustrator, designer
This course is fantastic. Anna makes it so much easier to make you look like a real artist. :)
— Jyotirmoy Banerjee , fashion designer
This is a very informative and inspirational class. I already knew and used the technique before, but did get some new inputs and ideas for future projects. I really like that Anna shares books with inspirations before class starts, to visualize and “warm up” or to get ideas for the color palette. Thank you, Anna, you are a wonderful teacher. :) I can definitely recommend this class and Anna as a teacher.
— Sandra J.
Dear Anna, thank you so much for a beautiful and very inspiring class. I highly recommend it to all kind of visual artists, even if the paint is not your favorite media, this class will spark your imagination and bring more spontaneous creativity into your process.
— Irina Trzaskos, watercolor artist & illustrator