Working list includes clients from America, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, Denmark, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland and Finland




I've worked with artists all my life, and Anya is absolutely the best.  She's in Russia and I'm in the US, but our communication was as good as if she were next door.  I recommend her highly to anyone who wants a real professional with unlimited talent.

Clint McCullough, founder and owner "Clindale, Ltd.", USA, CA


We could not be happier about our experience of working with Anya.  Not only do we love her style, but she is easy to work with, works quickly, and picked up on what we were looking for right away.   We will certainly be working with Anya again very soon !!!

Andy Graham, KMG France, Treppe, France


Anna was Great to work with, she understood we where looking for something different but where on a budget. She came up with a wonderful creative piece that captured exactly what we wanted to express in the illustration. She was very communicative, responsive and understood our time restraints. I would highly recommend working with her.

Viktoria Klin, musician, singer, Viktrola, Canada


Anya is an amazing illustrator.  She has a true knack for taking a character and bringing it to life.  I highly recommend her to anyone and hope to use her again in the future.


Eric Carlson, Columbia, MD,USA
direct marketing business

Experienced professional.
She feels exactly what client needs (even if he can’t describe it correctly:)
Absolutely positive communication. She is smart and can always suggest different solutions.
What is very important nowadays is a meeting the prescribed deadline.
I highly recommend listen to Anya’s opinion ‘cause working with her on a project really gives you some feeling that everything’s going to be great.
We’ve already made several projects together for now.


Roman Smirnov, Head of "Golconda Games", Russia


Anna performed for us very unusual and complex job. Her main task was to make a real image from creative idea. And Anya brilliantly handled the challenge.  Today, Ann has agreed to cooperate with our company "EVENTUS", that without doubt, enhance our stutus and trust of clients.

General Director of Free Communities "EVENTUS" Shipilov Alexey, Moscow


I join to customers who have a remarkable result:). Anna drew us beautiful character of Stimpark (Virtual Museum Of Steam Locomotives). Now he is the embodiment of the history of Russian Railways. Must still be working with Ann.

RelishGames, KSAN,neq4, Moskow,,


Great working with Ann!
Excellent to catch the idea.
Her development of characters and elements of corporate identity is now decorating publishing and exhibition products.
We will continue working for sure!


Alexey Kazakov, "Gejzer", Saint-Petersburg

Great gratitude to Anna from me
In my book, she drew more than 250 drawings.
All images are painted, as is said, with a soul!
Everyone who opens a book, first of all admires pictures :-)
Warmly recommend Ann as a talented artist!


Sergei Shipunov, Director, University Of Rhetoric And Oratorical skill, Moscow


Thank you, Anna!
We needed designfor the main page of Oratorical skill school site.
We've been searching for the artist for rather long time because of our special needs.I have read fantastic book by Sergey Shipunov "Charismatic Speaker" with excellent illustrations by Anna Sokolova.
I am glad that we've found a common language.
Delicate, sensitive! This is - you! Gamma, composition, and time period ... Just a dream!
My recommendations for all!


Irina Snitskaya, Oratorical skill school "Agrus", Director, Ukraine


In my whole life dealing with artist, this one is a unique artist. She knows how to combine colors to produce a great piece of art. Expert in her field. Easy to work with. I highly recommend her.
If you are looking for a comic book illustrator, this is the one!


Samir H.Safar, "zYouSoft", USA,CA

Anya quickly grasped what I had in mind for my industrial art designs. The finished art was exactly what I wanted, and she really added value to the project.

Colin Dawson, Info Action, Sydney


Anna is amazing to work with, she follows direction easily, brings her own creativity to projects, has a very versatile style (just show her what you like and she can illustrate whatever you like in that style), she uses color beautifully and is quick and really friendly!
I'm very happy with the illustrations she did for my website, they are exactly as I imagined them because Anna listens carefully and has a lot of talent!


Phoebe Ellis, creative from Toronto, Canada


Within a few months we cooperated with Anna. Very talented artist, great concept sense, attention to the wishes of the customer. Drawings, really great. Received sketches: admired all day long. Just charm, not pictures! Just what we wanted and even better.


K.Baukina, copywriter, editor,,