BringSpring! Instagram Art Challenge

Exciting news! I've teamed up with four amazing Skillshare Top Teachers and we're launching Instagram Art Challenge called BringSpring!

Besides creating 10 new beautiful pieces of art you’ll also get the opportunity to connect with other creatives, find new followers and discover new Skillshare classes and teachers. And to top it off we have 5 (!) yes that’s right - F I V E - Skillshare premium memberships that we will give to the 5 top participants.


To participate follow these steps:

  1. Follow all 5 challenge organisers on Instagram @plushbrush @julia_henze @irinatrzaskos @marienoellewurm @bearbellproductions
  2. Repost the challenge image on your Instagram feed (you'll find it in my IG-feed)
  3. Post your artwork/designs using #BringSpring_challenge and #Skillshare_challenge (so we can find it)

The challenge rules:

- Create an illustration or pattern inspired by the 10 prompts. 

- You can do the different prompts whenever you want during the challenge, but in order to be eligible for the challenge prizes, you have to do all 10 prompts and post before May 1st.

- Draw, paint, color with any media of your choice.

- You can join anytime during the challenge.

- And the most important rule ENJOY the process!

Extra inspiration & guidance

If you want some guidance and inspiration for your drawings or designs a tip is to watch some of our Skillshare courses. You can find us here:

Anna Sokolova (me:)))  teaches classes on illustration, art and pattern design                            Follow me on IG>>

Bärbel Dressler teaches about classic pattern designs, illustration and markers                     Follow Bärbel on IG>>

Marie Noëlle Wurm  teaches classes on creativity and illustration
Follow Marie Noëlle on IG >>

Irina Trzaskos  teaches painting with watercolor
Follow Irina on IG >>

Julia Henze  teaches lettering, urban sketching and illustration
Follow Julia on IG >>

If you don’t have a Skillshare membership no worries! Here is a link to get 2 months free trial (no commitment, cancel anytime)