New Visions Exhibition

I'm proud to take part in "New Visions" exhibit held by Society of Illustrators, New York

The Society is proud to showcase a selection of work from our Illustrator-S members representing artists of diverse and unique talent under the age of 32 who have chosen to support our mission early in their careers.

Society of illustrators, New York. Anna Sokolova. New Visions

Since its inception in 1901, the Society, through its many distinguished members, has sought to promote the art of illustration. A prime requisite of membership is the active participation by each individual, and of the organization as a whole, to give voice to the spirit and being of the Society. 

Our members support the Society's mission of promoting the art of illustration by appreciating its history and evolving nature through exhibitions, lectures and education.

Artists are inducted into the Society membership based on their body of work.  Each Illustrator-S member has been accepted because of their tremendous talent and artistic skill, and these young members have begun to take on an active role in the community. We are proud to display a collection of pieces by our future leaders of the industry. "

Johnny Dombrowski art